Selasa, 09 Juni 2015

Informasi Tempat Wisata Terlengkap The beach is one of the favorite destinations when the holidays arrive. Well, for those of you who live in the Greater Jakarta area and its surroundings, there is no harm in trying visited Carita beach with the family on weekends.

This beach is located in the province of Banten. The number of visitors can have soared in the past national holidays and weekends, because it Carita Beach is one of the famous tourist attraction in Indonesia. Its popularity is not inferior to the beaches in the vicinity, such as Anyer Beach, Karang Bolong Beach and Tanjung Lesung.

Beautiful spot to capture the beauty of Carita Beach
Beautiful spot to capture the beauty of Carita Beach

Pantai Coro Tulungagung The Government has set Carita Beach as a natural tourism area that is open to the public, the official SK began in 1978 ago. Like most popular beach, here you can enjoy the white sand that still looks quite natural and beautiful. Naturally, if then this place is able to attract the attention of tourists, both domestic and foreign.

Carita beach is a tourist spot that is not only suitable for those who are already paired, but also visitors who want to bring along the family to relax at the weekend.

Supported by a wide range of complete supporting facilities, Carita Beach is a tourist destination that is ready to pamper you at every visit. You are guaranteed not going to hesitate to spend time to linger here.

What is interesting from Carita Beach?
Spending time with family Carita Beach is a good choice
Spending time with family Carita Beach is a good choice

Carita beach has a wealth of resources such as fish, seaweed and other marine products. The view offered here is also very beautiful. In addition to the vast expanse of sand, you can enjoy the rhythm of the waves that come along with the fresh breeze, as well as the amazing landscape of Mount Krakatoa.

In addition, a beach located in Banten is also known to have a wealth of interesting fauna to observe. If lucky, you can find a wide range of interesting local wildlife, such as long-tailed macaques and langurs. In fact, there are still other animals such as lizards, pythons, falcons, and hawks.

Wealth flora Carita Beach is also no less interesting to observe. The lovers of plants will be spoiled by the presence of mahogany, teak, and bungur.

What can be done in Carita Beach?
The afternoon to fly kites in Carita Beach
The afternoon to fly kites in Carita Beach

In addition to leisurely walks on the beach, there are many interesting attractions that you can enjoy and are trying to do here. Once there, you will be treated to the sights of the visitors who was playing the kite, jetski, banana boat, diving, snorkeling, or other interesting activities.

If you do not want to do extreme activities around the beach, you can roll out the mat and enjoy lunch on the beach, while enjoying the magnificent Mount Krakatau had been able to make your heart feel satisfied.

Satisfied exploring the coast, you can also fill the stomach with enjoying the culinary tourism in coastal areas. Adjust the feel of the sea, provided mostly themed menu sea food.

You are guaranteed satisfaction with dishes such as crab dish spicy sauce, grilled carp, squid, shrimp, or other grilled fish. Not interested in heavy food? You may want to try fresh coconut ice presented here. The price also not to drain the bag, only about six thousand dollars per serving.

The trip to Carita Beach
For those of you who are interested to visit this place with family on a weekend, the route through motorway is one of the most frequently used. You simply pass the road from Labuan region to reach the area of Anyer and Carita.

But remember, you also have to remain vigilant and cautious, while traveling or enjoying time on the coast. Because the public road to the beach Carita is still much to be in poor condition, and potholes.

A similar warning shall be considered by the planning you want to swim at the beach, because there are some parts of sand or lip land that juts into the sea and accident-prone. In addition, note the weather because of the height of the waves can grow several meters when the conditions around it was raining.

No need to worry about security issues when it is in the area of Carita Beach. Like most other beach resorts, outposts alerted the coast guard. The professionals will be ready to help, if it occurs a serious condition that needs help immediately.

Accommodation in Carita Beach
The facility is one of the cottages around Carita Beach
The facility is one of the cottages around Carita Beach

You also do not have to worry with the accommodation. As one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia, Carita Beach is equipped with a wide range of hotels and inns with varied price and facilities, according to the budget you've prepared.

In addition, the hotel stay near Carita Beach will also provide a distinct advantage. For those who are enjoying a honeymoon, will most likely be able to get a romantic feel to enjoy the atmosphere of sunrise / sunset and the full moon on the beach.

But remember, you are required to book in advance for accommodation that would be used for a vacation. Because the Carita Beach area usually gets visitors in large enough quantities when the holidays arrive. If you do not make reservations in advance, might you will run out of room and was forced to stay at a hotel that is not in accordance with the wishes.